Rules For Gorilla Trekking and Tracking

What you must know before Booking your Gorilla Trekking and Tracking Safaris. Some Cautions to take before.

Rule Number One

After Purchasing the Gorilla Permits for Eastern Lowland Gorilla, Trekkers in Kahuzi Biega National Park are advised to observe the following Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations for the Conservation of the Gorillas in the Jungles of Africa. These Gorilla Rules are the same even for mountain Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park.

Rule Number Two

Gorilla tracking is limited to people aged 15 or above and all trackers must be in good health; please note that if you are ill you may be forbidden to track the gorillas. This is due to illnesses being passed directly from humans to gorillas.

Rule Number Three

Tracking is not easy, however, it is possible by most people in good health and reasonable fitness. A percentage of each permit goes back into the local community and park infrastructure.

Rule Number Four

Tracking of gorillas can be denied at short notice due to security in the area or as a result of park authority regulations.

Rule Number Five

Flash photography is not allowed. Professional filmmakers must purchase the relevant permits however personal video recorders are permitted.  Minimize noise and speak quietly when in the area. Always walk and stay with your group. Keep a distance of 7 meters between you and the gorillas.

Rule Number Six

No one with a communicable disease (e.g. flu, diarrhea is allowed to enter the park).

Rule Number Seven

A 7 meter (21 feet) distance should be observed at all times from the gorillas. The far back you are, the more relaxed the Gorillas will be

Rule Number Eight

The maximum time you can spend with the gorillas is one hour. However, if the gorillas become agitated or nervous, the guide will finish the visit early.

Rule Number Nine

Adult males range, 1.65–1.75 metres in height (5 ft 5 in–5 ft 9 in), and 140–200 kg (310–440 lb) in weight. Adult females are often half the size of a Silver back, averaging about 1.4 metres (4 ft 7 in) tall and 100 kg (220 lb).
Mountain Gorillas have a facial structure which is described as Mandibular Prognathism.
Almost all gorillas share the same blood type (B) and, like humans, have individual finger prints.