Other Attractions in Kahuzi-Biega National Park

The Kahuzi-Biega National Park has other attractions besides the gorillas. Visitors can go to the Lwiro Falls or walk to Mt. Bugulumiza for a panoramic view of the area. Hiking on Mt. Kahuzi and Mt. Biega not permitted by the Park Authority at this time.

The park harbors 13 species of primates which the dwarf galago, Angolan black and white colobus, northern black colobus, western red colobus, chimpanzees and the eastern lowland gorillas which are officially open for gorilla trekking adventure once booked with trusted tour operator.

The park has got its two inactive volcanoes that are a major attraction from it extracts its name that is Mount Kahuzi which is the highest peak about 3,308m and Mount Beiga which is 2,790m and the second highest peak in the park as these attract visitors with their splendid views giving them ultimate memories and experience.

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